I know the importance of a photo that captures a moment in time. Those moments are what make our lives so beautiful. I remember the moment my husband gave me my first camera as a gift. I remember the moments where my friends and family supported me by cheering me on as I followed my photography dream.

And I will always remember that it is God who has given me the talent to capture people’s moments from behind the lens. I look forward to capturing your moments in time. I look forward to working with you.

Capturing your favorite memories

Photo Credit: Lacey Borba Photography

I'm Courtney, mom, wife, photographer, friend

hey, there!

My son started my business. My infant son. The first moment I looked into his eyes, I wanted to capture everything. Like most new moms, I was taking his picture every five seconds. To see the change. To see the smile. To capture the beautiful and the sad. I wanted it all.

Austin is now 12 years old and he still humors me. He lets me take the perfect shot because he understands my story. My father passed away when I was 18. I didn’t get to know my dad well and I don’t have a single picture with just the two of us. My clients tell me similar stories. Wishing they had more pictures to attach to the memories.

I knew I loved to take pictures, and over ten years ago, Courtney Jacobs Photography became official. More specifically, it was on October 4, 2010, my dad’s birthday, that I registered my business. With my baby daughter, Lexi, wide-eyed and watching me, I shot my first session. Now my third child, my son, Riley, has joined the crew and if you asked me to pick just one photo of any of my kids…I can’t!

Since then, my business has grown from tutu pictures (I used to make tutus—I am much better at photography!) to children to weddings to families. It’s not about the type of session or the challenge that goes with the tantrums of toddlers, the frozen, awkward smile of an 8-year-old, or “I take horrible pictures” types of moms. The session is about the people.

I want them to see themselves as beautifully as I see them. I walk into each session with the goal that my clients feel love, feel good, and feel comfortable.

When you work with me, I want you to know, I’ve got you. I put thought into every single detail.
I want to show the joy.
I want to show the raw emotion.
I want to show the beauty in the imperfections.
I want to capture YOU.

let's work together!

Photo Credit: Lacey Borba Photography